Rails 4 Upgrade

The next official release of FUSION is built on Rails 4. Many FUSION operators have asked us about Rails 4 over the past few years and we are now proud to announce that this upgrade is finally ready for public release. Rails 4 brings performance substantial performance, reliability and security improvements to the FUSION. Some of the improvements include, but are not limited to: cookies are now encrypted and signed, CSS and JS assets are minified, asset pre-compilation failures are handled gracefully, cluster nodes now automatically import device option settings, and much more. This upgrade may require some modifications to custom portals. The upgrade process will automatically make the appropriate […]

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FUSION Version 8

Hotel Internet Services is proud to announce the general availability of FUSION version 8. Navigate to the Update view on the System menu of your FUSION to download and install the latest FUSION version. Our engineering team has been hard at work making FUSION the very best L7 routing platform in the world. The release notes are integrated into the console, or available on at www.fusiongateways.com. We would also like to remind everybody that the operating system release 9.1 is officially EOL. Please upgrade all of your FUSIONs to release 10.1 to receive FUSION Version 8 and future upgrades.

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FUSION Software Update

Hotel Internet Services is committed to ensuring that the FUSION is the preeminent router/gateway product for revenue generating networks. We are never satisfied with anything less than perfection. Our engineering team has been working on moving the FUSION to the latest and greatest FreeBSD base operating system for more than a year. Today, we announce with great pride, that we have made the FreeBSD 10.1 base operating system available to all FUSION operators. As always we recommend that all operators upgrade to the latest FUSION build. Updating to the latest release brings in a new updating mechanism to the FUSION software. This new mechanism will enable the FUSION to be […]

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