Education and Government

Never sacrifice protection for performance.


Education and Universities

Education is a segment which has specialized needs for public Internet access. An educational campus community demands high levels of access to both the public internet and the institutions internal networks and requires stringent control over management of usage and bandwidth. Both wired and wireless connection availability is expected in almost every building on campus, labs, libraries, and residence halls. Examples of stakeholders in need for a broadband internet connection are students, faculty, staff and official visitors. The cost of providing public Internet access to such a broad range of stakeholders can easily be turned into a steady revenue stream.



Government departments recognize the need to provide easy, hassle-free Internet access to external parties visiting their offices, while ensuring the security of their own Local Area Network is maintained. Examples of these visitors are external consultants, attorneys, 3rd party vendors, auditors, visiting executives and employees from other branch office, courthouses and members of the public.

Government networks that provide Guest Access to visiting customers and partners are exposed to an ever-changing user base that is typically unknown by the network administrator. Giving access to visitors to the Internet may result in unwanted attacks, which makes network security a concern for all users on the network and the network administrator.