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FUSION Software Update | FUSION

FUSION Software Update

Hotel Internet Services is committed to ensuring that the FUSION is the preeminent router/gateway product for revenue generating networks. We are never satisfied with anything less than perfection. Our engineering team has been working on moving the FUSION to the latest and greatest FreeBSD base operating system for more than a year. Today, we announce with great pride, that we have made the FreeBSD 10.1 base operating system available to all FUSION operators.

As always we recommend that all operators upgrade to the latest FUSION build. Updating to the latest release brings in a new updating mechanism to the FUSION software. This new mechanism will enable the FUSION to be upgraded to the FreeBSD 10.1 operating system through the same update mechanism that you use for FUSION software updates.

In addition to many security, stability, and performance related improvements across the board, noteworthy changes include:

  • The packet filtering (pf) firewall now supports fine-grain locking and better utilization on  multi-CPU machines, resulting in significant improvements in packet forwarding performance.
  • OpenSSL has been updated to version 1.0.1j, containing numerous security improvements. The HTTPS web admin console and captive portal now support TLS v1.2 and TLS v1.1 for better encryption in all browsers.
  • Updated ethernet drivers for better performance and stability, including support for newer Intel chipsets.
  • Add support for the new Intel on-CPU Bull Mountain random number generator found on IvyBridge and later CPUs.
  • Upgrade the PostgreSQL object-relational database system to version 9.4.0, including significant performance improvements that benefit the entire system.
  • Upgrade the ISC DHCP server to version 4.3.2, including numerous stability improvements.
  • Upgrade the ISC bind DNS server to version 9.10.2, including numerous stability and security improvements.
  • Upgrade the squid web caching proxy to version 3.4.12, including numerous stability and performance improvements.
  • Upgrade the FreeRADIUS RADIUS server to version 3.0.7, including numerous stability improvements. RADIUS server performance has been significantly improved under heavy load when handling many simultaneous requests.
  • Upgrade the samba SMB server to version 4.1.16, including numerous stability and performance improvements. The integrated SMB file server now supports the SMB 3.0 protocol for better performance and interoperability with newer operating systems such as Windows 8.1 and OS X Yosemite.
  • Upgrade ruby to version 2.1.5p273 for increased web admin console and captive portal security, stability, and performance. The webserver now loads (starts/restarts) much faster.
  • Upgrade perl to version 5.18.4.
  • Upgrade python to version 2.7.9.
  • Upgrade other various third-party software packages to their latest stable versions for increased performance, security, and stability.
  • Add the nano text editor to the CLI environment.
  • Add the rsync tool to the CLI environment.
  • Add the git and subversion SCM tools to the CLI environment.
  • Many improvements to the FUSION and OS upgrade process. Remote software packages are now compressed more efficiently.

We recommend that all operators take a config backup and upgrade to the latest FUSION  build and base operating system to take advantage of our latest efforts. Thank you for your continued support!