Hospitality Industry

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Hotels and Resorts

Wireless and wired guest room access is not only an opportunity as an additional source of revenue for your business, but also an expected or required value-added amenity. Guest usage trends show an increased use of the Internet, as well as, the amount of bandwidth used during each session. Hoteliers must provide fast and reliable internet access that can support the multiple WIFI and wired devices that many guest now own and travel with. Convention and meeting planners today demand reliable wired and wireless internet access for their conferences, seminars and events.


Convention Centers, Conference and Exhibits

High speed connectivity is a critical and key component for repeat business. Internet access is a profitable opportunity for event facilities of any size. Venues benefit directly from access fees and exhibition sponsored common area wireless or hot-spot facilities. An added benefit of providing public internet access is that attendees tend to stay and spend on meals and refreshments rather than leave the venue.

Stadiums and Entertainment

Spectators have become participants as stadiums and other entertainment venues get more and more interactive. These venues require robust access to the Internet providing spectators with the ability to interact with each other. Aside from catching up on email and posts, there may be a more dramatic aspect of stadium Wi-Fi such as cheering in the stands, coordinated wave patterns and tweeting about players, scores, etc. In the future, fans and audiences will be able to order food, drinks and swag right from their seats as well as concierge type items like arranging valet service for your vehicle or hailing a cab.


Customers now expect to be able to access the Internet from their personal devices while relaxing on holiday at these venues. Venue owners need to provide this service to retain and attract these holiday makers and make their stay as pleasurable as possible. Campers especially those with kids like to have the option to check their email, browse the web, and instant message from their devices while sitting at the campfire whereas boaters can download a chart from their laptop, or check a weather forecast and make dinner reservations at their destination port for example.


Multi Dwelling Units: Apartments and Condos

Reliable high-speed Internet access to multi-dwelling units such as apartments, condominiums, retirement homes/facilities, etc is an expected amenity for new tenants. As broadband internet access demands keep growing, the opportunity to generate incremental revenue for the property owner becomes an increasingly compelling proposition.

Cafés and Restaurants

Internet access at a café or restaurant not only attracts customers, it makes your venue a location for business. Customers tend to stay longer and purchase more. Opportunities to direct customers to sales and promotional offerings also help increase revenue