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Rails 4 Upgrade | FUSION

Rails 4 Upgrade

The next official release of FUSION is built on Rails 4. Many FUSION operators have asked us about Rails 4 over the past few years and we are now proud to announce that this upgrade is finally ready for public release.

Rails 4 brings performance substantial performance, reliability and security improvements to the FUSION. Some of the improvements include, but are not limited to: cookies are now encrypted and signed, CSS and JS assets are minified, asset pre-compilation failures are handled gracefully, cluster nodes now automatically import device option settings, and much more.

This upgrade may require some modifications to custom portals. The upgrade process will automatically make the appropriate changes automatically for the majority of cases. Replace all local copies of the portal that are present on your web development workstations with a copy of the custom portal downloaded after the upgrade. This ensures that your local copy will have all of the appropriate changes. This upgrade may also require some modifications to custom emails. Please refer to the change log in order see specific information about APIs that have changed.

We hope this upgrade brings you improved productivity and compatibility. Thank you for your continuing support of the FUSION Gateway.