Travel and Transportation

The FUSION Family travels across the globe.


Airports and Bus/Trains Stations

Recreational travelers often access the Internet to check on travel plans and book ahead for accommodation whereas the typical business traveler catch up on their work while in transit. Service providers at airports and other major transport venues need to provide secure and easy to use public internet access to thousands of travelers and their multiple devices. Large changes in usage which occur when major events (sporting, recreational or even environmental) disrupt normal travel patterns. Flexibility and ease of use are key requirements for travelers.


Airplanes, Cruise ships and Commuter Trains

Internet Access availability attracts more business-class travelers as well as tourists with WIFI enabled devices that have a long commute to endure. Offering this service in this growing market segment to your customers is a way to increase revenue and can be a key differentiator in a highly competitive market.

Marinas and Campgrounds

Customers now expect to be able to access the Internet from their personal devices while relaxing on holiday at these venues. Venue owners need to provide this service to retain and attract these holiday makers and make their stay as pleasurable as possible. Campers, especially those with kids, like to have the option to check their email, browse the web, and instant message from their devices while sitting at the campfire whereas boaters can download a chart from their laptop, or check a weather forecast and make dinner reservations at their destination port for example.


Gas Stations and Truck Stop

Travelers will stop to access the internet while stopping at these locations to fill up for fuel and food. Travelers will check for onward hotel reservations or road and weather conditions as well as catching up on the latest updates to their social network. These venues are ideal Hot Spots and can be positioned as opportunities for 3G offload or EDGE performance offload.

High Speed Connectivity is a profitable value added amenity that can enhance the customer user experience. The FUSION Gateway is specifically designed for broad based WiFi HotSpot roll-outs allowing providers to quickly and cost effectively deploy profitable WiFi services.